A Picnic in the Park Under the Pecan Trees

We say PEE-can. How do you say it?

I have always loved PEE-can trees, and I remember my Granny and Granddaddy helping me pick pecans up in their yard and crack them. Pecan pies are my favorite. I think that the trees are the most hauntingly beautiful creations, and they are the epitome of Southern to me.

Last week, the kids and I had to go up for Mason’s haircut, so we bought hamburgers and fried chicken and headed to the Thomasville Rose Garden at Cherokee Lake. We used Mason’s “softy” as a blanket and we sat under the pecan trees, surrounded by roses, and enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather in South Georgia.

After we ate, we played on the playground and relaxed. The kids had so much fun, and it was so nice to watch them laugh and be little and innocent. Each time I get homesick now, I go to the Rose Garden, and focus on my blessings. I am lucky to live in such a magnificent, family-friendly area.

Miss Julia’s First Hair Cut

Miss Julia got her first hair cut today.  She was born with a head full of hair, and it has really grown thick and long lately.  It was looking a bit straggly on the ends.  I got Mason’s hair cut at nine months, so I figured it was about time to trim hers too. 

Mommy and Miss Julia

All Smiles

 I took her by myself, and Miss Sharon and Miss Laurie  (of A Wild Hair) were so sweet to her.  They loved on her and passed her around before putting her in the “car” to fix her hair.  She was a wiggle worm, but she was laughing and happy as can be to be getting all that attention.  It was adorable.

Big Girl!

Thank you, Miss Laurie, for taking such good care of me and the kids!

Miss Julia, Miss Laurie, and Mommy

Identity Crisis

I am definately continuing in my identity crisis these days.  I am not sure how to balance the many roles I am now required to play as a mommy to two babies under two.   The struggle continues.

Yesteday, after restling with my almost shoulder length hair, I felt the sudden urge to chop it off.  I have always kept my hair really short, because it is thin and fine.  However, over the last few years, I have tried to let it grow at least a bit.  During my pregnancies, when my hair was fuller and shinier, this was great.  However, after both of my babies, I began to shed an incredible amount of hair, and it was worse with Miss Julia.  So, my hair has been just ick lately.

"Diane" on Y & R

I took Mason in for a hair cut and, on a whim, asked my beloved hair stylist if she had time to chop mine off.  At first, she seemed hesitant, but then she was game, after realizing that I was not going to chicken out.  I told her I wanted a combination hair cut of Dana Perino’s and “Diane’s” from The Young and the Restless.  She and I are both addicted to Y & R, so she understood.

Dana Perino

In the end, my hair is amazingly short, but I think it frames my face very well.  I liked it a lot, until my niece Peyton told me she hated it as soon as we walked out of the salon.  After that, I felt an overwhelming sadness for letting myself make such a drastic change on a whim.  But, then, this morning, I realized that I am the girl who is flexibile with change on a whim! That is who I need to get back to!  And, I have to tell you, it only took me three minutes to blow dry my hair and fix it.  HELLO! After Mike telling me I looked “hot” about50 times this morning, I am convinced I made the right move. (Of course, he was probably trying to keep me from crying.)

(Pictures to come!)

Mason’s Exciting Day

Mason had his 9-month wellness check on Wednesday, followed by his first hair cut.  Everything went really well with both.  Mason weighs 24.4 lbs (90th-percentile) and is 30-inches long (75th-percentile).  He has met all of his milestones and is doing very well.  Yesterday, when we picked him up from day care, Mrs. Cherrie called him a “hawg” because, apparently, he is eating as much as the bigger boys closer to age two.🙂

The very fun part was his hair cut, of course.  I wanted my friend/stylist, Miss Laurie Donovan, to trim him up around the ears. I knew that she would do a great job and that Mason would love her.  In spite being very tired, he sat  still in Mommy’s lap as Miss Laurie did her job.  Of course, he also smiled at Grammy and Daddy, who were busy snapping pictures.

I think Mason looks incredibly handsome. But I am, certainly, very biased!

The Way to Drive a Hair Stylist Crazy…

So, I am sure the fastest way to drive a hair stylist crazy is to hand them a picture of a movie star from the latest magazine and say, “I wanna look like that!”  Yeah.  I try very hard to be realistic about what I look like and what my thin, blond hair will do.  Afterall, I value my relationship with Laurie, my stylist of two years at A Wild Hair in Thomasville, Georgia.  But, yesterday, I did the unthinkable.  As I was thumbing through the latest issue of “Vogue” while sitting under the dryer, I noticed how absolutely adorable Reese Witherspoon is with her fresh new bob!  She is my favorite actress, probably because she is a southern girl and seems so smart.  But I also think she is beautiful and classy.  Anyway, as Laurie came to rescue me from the heat, I handed her the magazine.  Yep, I said it.  “Make me look like that!”

Now, in my defense, my hair is already bobbed and blond.  However, I have been trying to grow it out a little before the baby comes and have done well with this.  Not anymore, though. Laurie quickly got to work putting some long layers in my hair and cutting a few bangs.  I could not believe what a difference it made in the volume of my style! That, with some heavy highlights, and I felt like a new woman.

Okay, so maybe I don’t look like Reese Witherspoon, but my hair is awful close.  When I got home, Mike gave me extra hugs and almost brought home “Vogue” from his trip to the grocery store.  He was very excited, and that made me feel loved.