An Afternoon Tea {Part 1}

Master Mason and Miss Julia hosted an afternoon tea party for a few of their friends last week.

My niece Samantha came over to help me. She is a fabulous cook and decorator, and we had grand plans for setting up a garden party amidst my camellias and hydrangeas, compete with old-fashioned lawn games. However, it has rained every day for nearly six weeks straight, so we were forced inside. I decided to relax, keep it simple and just allow the kids to play. Turns out, I had more fun at this party than I have had at most of the kids’ birthday parties. It was just fun!



We served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the shape of hearts, chicken salad sandwiches (for the adults), chocolate covered graham crackers, strawberries and cream cheese dip, petit fours, and an assortment of cookies. I served the little ones pink lemonade, while Mike served the Mommies peach bellinis.

It was adorable. I had not planned on serving the kids tea because of the heat. However, some of the older ones asked for it, and Mr. Mike proudly obliged, serving cups of New England-style tea.

I went up to Huckleberry’s in Monticello and bought each little one their own tea cup. I used them to decorate the tables, and they also got to take them home.



We had ten little girls come to our party, and they all wore their play dress-up clothes. It was delightful. Mason was thrilled because his best friend Aubrey came, too. And he got to serve the food. He told me he was nervous about it, but he performed his task perfectly!

Of course, before eating, I read the children part of a tea party etiquette book. They learned age-appropriate things like sitting at the table and properly introducing themselves to others.

During the week, Mason, Julia, and I talked a lot about manners and read a couple of books on topic. We also watched Anne of Green Gables. So I was thrilled to find these books on the dollar isle at Target. I think they made perfect gifts to go along with each child’s tea cup!


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