A Tale of Two Rivers

The St. Marys River is what I miss most about home.  We were always on that water camping, boating, wake boarding, fishing, or just swimming.  I miss the muddy smell and how peaceful it is going around the bends; and I have longed for time alone on it again.

Mom’s ashes are in the river, so it made me and contains part of who I am both spiritually and physically. 

God must have known that I needed a river here, where I could find solace and rest for my weary soul, because it just so happens that Mr. Justin’s parents own a house on a river not too far away from me. And it looks identical to my home.

This is what greeted me upon my arrival. 

And this is how I spent my two days of Spring Break without my babies.



My gracious! Thank you, Miss Terry, for my magazine subscription!

I have never been more at peace than I am with this handsome fella.  I feel like I have known him all of my life, like we are cut from the same cloth.  I could literally gaze at him all day long and never get tired, and I pretty much do every time I am with him.


He is just a good, sweet man, and I am lucky to have him and his family in my life. I will never take that for granted again, especially after what I have been through. 


A Coca~Cola and a Smile

Is there anything more classicly Southern than having a Coke in the bottle while lunching on the historic Victorian-era bricks of Downtown Thomasville, Georgia? 

I caught this sweet photo of Miss Julia this week, and it happens to be my new favorite. 

If this does not say “Southern Belle” I do not know what does!  

Five On Friday {Spring Break Edition}

I really missed going to Fernandina Beach this year, and I hated sending the kids off for two days knowing I was home.  However, I had a fantastic, relaxing break, and the week has flown by way too fast!

1.  I started the week with an impromptu date with Mr. Justin.  We went to Jonah’s in Thomasville, then ended the night at Bacchas Wine Bar.  Wow! What a fun time we had!! 


2.  On Saturday, I met Gerri Gail and Kaitlin for a super fun day of lunch at Sweet Grass Dairy and shopping on the Bricks in downtown Thomasvillle.  I cannot remember ever laughing so hard! We had a blast and I got a jump start on Easter baskets.  


Afterwards, Gerri Gail, Justin and I enjoyed the evening with a bonfire and dinner on my patio.  

Can I tell you how much I am starting to enjoy my life right now?

3.  Eek! The pollen here has been terrible.  Miss Julia returned home to me sick with the crud, and Mason has been coughing and wheezing all week. I seriously just took a hot bath and BENADRYL myself.  It has finally gotten the best of me, I’m afraid, but my yard is beautiful right now!

4.  Before they went to their Dad’s I arranged a play date with Miss Aubrey to see CINDERELLA. We LOVED it! I cried a couple of times.  It really was beautiful to watch, and I loved the message~ “Have courage and be kind.”

We had lunch at Dairy Queen, then headed over to AMC.  Think Mason was glad to see his favorite girl?   Miss Julia was just as happy to see Granny Mama! 



5.  I wanted to do something special with the raised bed in my back yard, but I was not keen on a vegetable garden.  Instead, my cousins encouraged me to plant knock-out roses.  My Granny Cheshire always had beautiful roses in her yard, so I feel like I am channeling her.  The bed looks beautiful, and the kids are enjoying helping me keep it watered.  Here is our first bloom!


Southern Mommy Style

I’m sitting on my front porch reading this month’s issue of Southern Living and there is a sweet feature in the style section about Southern mothers and what they have passed down. 

My Mom was a sun-worshipper and child of the 1970s.  She was all natural and never believed in makeup or over-styled hair.  The only beauty routine she believed in was bronzed skin, and hers was beautiful.  Most people are shocked to find that my parents both were blessed with tawny brown skin that thrives in the Florida sun. Unfortunately, I inherited the Moxley fair skin with pink undertones from my Bomba’s side, and skin cancer runs in the family.  Coupled with cold sores, I have learned to stay out of the sun for long periods of time, and sunscreen has become by best friend.  


Sadly, because I was not taught differently, until my mid-20s, that also meant that my beauty cleansing routine consisted of nothing more than anti-bacterial Dial soap and wearing a hat over 8 SPF tanning oil.  I cringe now thinking of what I did to my skin! 

My sense of history has led me to my own personal style, and it is very classic and more than a bit nostalgic. As my Stitch Fix stylists often comment from a look at my Pinterest Style Board, my taste is very feminine and retro, favoring clothes reminiscent of the decades prior to 1960.  I am a firm believer, though, that clothes do not have to be expensive or of a specific brand. They just need to be flattering to your body type. My favorite store in which to shop is Belk, because their sales are so great.

The Southern Living feature has me thinking and wondering about how Miss Julia sees me… How will she remember her Mommy when she looks back over our time together?  What impressions am I making? And what do I want to pass on to her?  In some ways, I hate that I had her in my mid-30s, because I do not want her to think of me as old.  However, I think I am in a place now where I am finally comfortable in my own skin, even if it took me 40 years to get here.

Photo by Tammy Rabon Photography

Here are some things I hope Miss Julia learns from me:

  1. Cherish and care for your fair skin.  It is beautiful, like a magnolia blossom.  The daughter of a full-blooded Italian, she has miraculously inherited my Bomba’s beautiful porceline skin, with no freckles or pink.  I hope she is proud of that and knows to keep it out of the sun. 
  2. My Bomba swore by Oil of Olay, so that is what I use, always with SPF.
  3. Pearls are always appropriate! 
  4. Never leave the house not put together, even if it is super casual.  You never know who you will run into, and just when you pop quickly into Winn-Dixie, you will see the people you care to impress most. That’s a time-tested fact.
  5. Modesty is best. I have not always been so prudish. The early 90s saw me in Daisy Dukes and mid-drift shirts.  But, if there is one thing I learned from Bomba, showing less is best and surprisingly attractive.
  6. Cover your arms! A nice light sweater goes a long way and is super feminine. A crisp collared shirt also flatters the neckline and accentuates the jaw. 
  7. Never leave the house without lipstick. It brightens you up and highlights your smile.  I have been wearing Merle Norman for 15 years, and my favorites are their lip pencils in Hussy, Carnation Pink, and Sugared Plum
  8. Mabelline “Great Lash” mascara in Blackest Black has been my best friend for most of my life.
  9. Perfume is important. But just a dab will do.  “Pleasures” by Estée Lauder is my signature scent, however, my Daddy has always bought me and Bomba Chanel No. 5.  Talk about a beauty staple. 
  10. Floss you teeth daily and never go to bed without brushing your teeth. 
  11. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and drink plenty of water.
  12. Your hair stylist is your best friend. Unfortunately, we gray early in our family, so always plan on appointmens every 4-6 weeks. 

Speaking of, we have the most WONDERFUL hair dresser in the world. Miss Laurie at A Wild Hair in Thomasville, Georgia, has been doing my hair for the last decade, and my kids have declared her to be a part of our family. I took this photo this week, when we had to go in for an emergency appointment after Mason cut a chunk out of his bangs. 

I Pray

I am so proud of this little man! He has really impressed me with how verbal he has become with his faith.  Anytime we travel, he now says our family’s prayer for safety, and he loves to read his devotionals.  The most precious words I hear every day are his words to JESUS each night before bed.

Last week, we visited a church in Vidalia with our friends Nikki, Mark and Gabby.  Mason turned in our visitor’s card and got a free tshirt. He could not wait to wear it. Thank you to the congregation at Calvary on Aimwell for the wonderful worship experience! 

I pray that Mason continues to grow in his relationship with Jesus Christ and serves Him daily. I also pray that I set the best example I can for both Mason and Miss Julia of someone who seeks to walk in faith.  I especially want to make sure we have a God-centered home now that we have peace in our new family life.