First Day of School 2016 {Part 2}

We actually got up and made it to the bus on time on Tuesday morning, our first morning together for the school year. It was fantastic to see Mr. Dickey’s smiling face, although he made a point to check on us all summer. He truly is one of my favorite people on this planet!

Miss Julia cracks me up. She saw this “bow tie” outfit at Belk’s and had to have it. It reminds me of Britney Spears, and she calls it her “prep school gurl” dress. I have to say, though, she rocked it! I got her knee-high socks at Mary Madison’s in Thomasville and the Ked’s– I am so glad they are back in style!!!– at Eldridge’s in Tallahassee. I love to shop local if I can.

We also took a few minutes to re-do her back-to-school picture, since  I messed up the first one.

As for Mason, he has had the best week ever! He has been so great about getting up and helping me with the animals. He loves routine and structure and was really ready to get back to it. His sweet teacher emailed me this week and told me he is “a real peach.” This Mama could not be more proud!


First Day of School 2016 {Part 1}

We survived!

This is my 7th year at Chiles. It’s so incredible to think that time has flown by that fast. All but one of them have been spent next door to my best friend Kaitlin. We are truly like sisters, and I cannot imagine the crazy classroom days without her. And it gets boulders-being-brought-into-our-rooms-to-propose-for-prom kind of crazy!

I did not get to see the kids until after school let out; however, they wore the new outfits I bought and packed for them. We kept it simple and comfy. Mason wanted nothing but athletic gear. He did offer to compromise, though. If he wore something preppy to orientation without fussing, I agreed he could wear sports clothes the next day. Future lawyer. Luckily for me, I found Polo athletic gear on sale at Dillard’s. SCORE! Miss Julia wore a new monogrammed t-shirt and hair bow with a cute nautical themed Gap skirt and Livy and Luca sandals.

They both had a fantastic first day. They loved their teachers and are excited for the new year. After I hugged them about a zillion times, we headed over to Nuberri for our annual back-to-school frozen yogurt treats. The place was packed, and it was fun to see all of their friends celebrating, too, all dressed up in their pretty new clothes.


Orientation {2016-17}

I do not have the kids on the first morning of school, so I made a big fuss out of Orientation.  I cannot believe how fast summer has flown by!

Mason has been ready for school to start back for a couple of weeks. He misses his buddies and likes routine.

Miss Julia is excited, too. She wants to socialize. And learn math and science. And socialize some more.

The kids were super excited to find out who their teachers are. Mason had a certain cutie pie that he REALLY wanted to be in his class this year. He was disappointed to find that she is not, but was then relieved when another pretty girl from his 1st grade class was assigned the seat beside him in his new classroom.

Neither of the kids got their first choice in teachers; but they loved their assigned ones once they got to their classes and met them.

I let the kids pick out monogrammed Yeti-like cups to give their teachers. I was really proud. Both of them picked a pineapple design with their teachers’ initials within it. Julia wanted her pineapple in yellow on a pink cup. Mason picked a beautiful gold on red. It was gorgeous. The ladies at Sweet Blue had them ready in a jiffy so that we would arrive on time at school. They even wrapped them and took pictures of them for us to see the finished product before we left the store!

Mason was really concerned about the new procedures for pick-up in the afternoon, and his sweet teacher went through them step-by-step with him.

Both of their teachers from last year have checked in with us during the summer, so I know they are in a really great school and are loved. We made a point to visit Mason’s 1st grade teacher and his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Donalson, who both kids adore.