Prayers for Safety

Please pray for us here in the Tallahassee-area as we prepare for the approach of Hurricane Hermine. I do not have the kids tonight and am more than a little nervous, as it looks like we are going to take a direct hit. Pray that Mason and Miss Julia are safe, even while not in my care.

I feel so blessed, however, as I have had countless family and friends offering me places to stay so that I am not alone. Thankfully, Justin was able to get off work early and is off tomorrow, so he will be here with me.

I am also grateful for my neighbors who checked in to make sure I am adequately prepared and who shared a plan for the next few days in case we are without power, which is very likely. I hit Publix up first thing this morning, stocked up on water, filled my tub and have plenty of candles and flashlights.

Lord, keep us safe, not only here but all over the Southeast, as this storm hits land.


Miss Julia: VIP

During the first week of class, Miss Julia had to fill a brown bag with small items that describe herself. This is what she came up with: her Bible, a prayer bracelet, her tiara, an Elvis CD, a picture of the two of us, and a hair bow.

Then, the second week of school, she was selected as the class VIP. This meant that she had to fill an even larger bag of items to share with her classmates and display for them. This was what she came up with during the second haul: the photo of the two of us; a Sallie bobble-head to represent her love of The Peanuts; her first pair of ballet shoes; her Bible; her first cookbook; God’s Promises to his Sweeteas by Rochelle Frazier (I bought the first in this series for her first birthday party, and she treasures it, because my Mom signed it); and Baby King George, because she’s still marrying him, y’all! Thanks, Miss Terry!!

Miss Julia also packed her Dance Me, Daddy book and CD. I bought this for Mike as a gift the day I found out we were having a little girl. Miss Julia remembers the two of them dancing around to the sweet song that goes with it called “King of the World” by Point of Grace. When she hears it, she cries for our old life. She was crying so much last weekend, as we packed the book and talked about her old room, that Mista Justin came in and danced with her, twirling her around, telling her she is too purty for tears. Bless that man!

I let her take her book and CD to her Dad’s house this weekend so that she can make new memories with him.

Finally, I had to fill out a special note for her teacher to read about her to the class. I love that the 1st graders do this, because it creates such wonderful memories for all.

15 Years

One of my former students from Yulee Middle School, where I taught in 2001-2002 started his first year of teaching this month. He said I inspired him. I cried, then told him that he needed to get ready for the emotional roller coaster that only teaching can provide.

He sent me a picture that he found of us that year, and I realized that it was taken exactly 15 years ago. So much has happened since that time- law school, marriage, several careers, babies, death of my mom, divorce, engagement. However, one thing remains and that is my hair style. Only the part is different. I got a good laugh at this, and then told my stylist, Miss Laurie, that it is time to go auburn.

First Day of School 2016 {Part 2}

We actually got up and made it to the bus on time on Tuesday morning, our first morning together for the school year. It was fantastic to see Mr. Dickey’s smiling face, although he made a point to check on us all summer. He truly is one of my favorite people on this planet!

Miss Julia cracks me up. She saw this “bow tie” outfit at Belk’s and had to have it. It reminds me of Britney Spears, and she calls it her “prep school gurl” dress. I have to say, though, she rocked it! I got her knee-high socks at Mary Madison’s in Thomasville and the Ked’s– I am so glad they are back in style!!!– at Eldridge’s in Tallahassee. I love to shop local if I can.

We also took a few minutes to re-do her back-to-school picture, since  I messed up the first one.

As for Mason, he has had the best week ever! He has been so great about getting up and helping me with the animals. He loves routine and structure and was really ready to get back to it. His sweet teacher emailed me this week and told me he is “a real peach.” This Mama could not be more proud!


First Day of School 2016 {Part 1}

We survived!

This is my 7th year at Chiles. It’s so incredible to think that time has flown by that fast. All but one of them have been spent next door to my best friend Kaitlin. We are truly like sisters, and I cannot imagine the crazy classroom days without her. And it gets boulders-being-brought-into-our-rooms-to-propose-for-prom kind of crazy!

I did not get to see the kids until after school let out; however, they wore the new outfits I bought and packed for them. We kept it simple and comfy. Mason wanted nothing but athletic gear. He did offer to compromise, though. If he wore something preppy to orientation without fussing, I agreed he could wear sports clothes the next day. Future lawyer. Luckily for me, I found Polo athletic gear on sale at Dillard’s. SCORE! Miss Julia wore a new monogrammed t-shirt and hair bow with a cute nautical themed Gap skirt and Livy and Luca sandals.

They both had a fantastic first day. They loved their teachers and are excited for the new year. After I hugged them about a zillion times, we headed over to Nuberri for our annual back-to-school frozen yogurt treats. The place was packed, and it was fun to see all of their friends celebrating, too, all dressed up in their pretty new clothes.