Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

I cannot believe that Mason has finished his kindergarten year! That’s mind-blowing to me, and it’s sad, because time is flying by with both of them. I no longer have babies, but now will have two school children. My mommy heart is an emotional mess!!

Mason loves books and is an excellent reader. The last I heard, he was well into a third-grade level based on the progress monitoring at school. 

Last week, he read Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss to me on the way to school all by himself. I tell him it’s like music to my ears!


I completely stole this idea from Pinterest, but I bought the book so that I can have Mason’s teachers sign it over the years. The goal is to then present it to him as a graduation gift. 

 I signed it first, citing his life verse that was laid on my heart when he was in my womb: Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! {2 Corinthians 9:15}


And I love what his wonderful teacher, Mrs. Donalson, wrote:

 I have stayed in contact with my kindergarten teacher and her family all these years, and I have a feeling Mason and Mrs. Donalson will be the same way. She makes him smile. 

Happy Memorial Day

An IG friend of mine in Atlanta has a new business with her husband called Relic Revival. A month or so ago, she and her husband sponsored a give-away of a framed American flag that I fell in love with. I showed it to Justin, and he immediately went to work making me one.

 He used reclaimed wood and the flag from my front porch and created a beautiful masterpiece for my mantle. That easy, only it was not easy and it was an effort of love. It’s the little things. I know that now. 

Here is the finished product. I had not intended on putting Mom’s mail box up there, but he did to get it out of the way when we were unloading and unpacking from our trip to Fernandina, and I actually like it.  It is painted in a patriotic theme, and I am comforted seeing both my last name (my brother lived with her for a short time) and hers on the front of it.


I am very careful about posting pictures of my students and rarely do it, but one of my history pupils surprised me by bringing in his Grandfather on Friday. Retired Colonel James Henry, USAF, spoke to us about the Cold War and about his experience flying B-52 bombers over Vietnam. He was such a pleasure to listen to, and the kids and I learned so much from him. It was the perfect segway into Memorial Day weekend.

Hosting veterans in my classroom is one of my favorite parts of my job. I am grateful for each an every one of them and have found them to have an unmeasurable impact. I was thrilled when my students began asking questions of him about the Tet Offensive and the foreign policies of Presidents Johnson and Nixon.  My students especially loved hearing about the planes Colonel Henry flew.

Tallahassee’s American Legion and Vet Events Tally have been incredible supporters of my classroom for the last several years. I cannot thank them enough. 

But I am most grateful for their sacrifices. And the sacrifices of those who have died for our freedoms, like my Mom’s first cousin, Tommy Dunlop, who died in Vietnam. His remains were found only a few years ago, and I learned of his full story while rubbing his name at the Vietnam Wall.

Our nation needs less politics and more prayer.

God bless America and our troops.  Thank you, Uncle Michael Miller, for your service. We love you!

Mason’s Last Week of KindergartenĀ 

Mason is in his last full week of kindergarten, and I am stunned at how fast the year flew by. 

His teacher sent me this yesterday. Can you spy him?    

When he grows up, he wants to be an “illustrator of big books.” When I asked him about it, he told me he wants to “write lots and lots of books.”

We have always joked that he has the serious, deep disposition of a writer. And, goodness knows, the little one has seen enough tragedy these last two years. Perhaps, he will become the next great Southern author in the footsteps of Faulkner. 

Regardless, I am so proud of Mason’s love of books and reading, and I know mine and my Mom’s efforts at building his library while in my tummy has paid off tenfold. And I also know he has inherited ours and my Bomba’s appreciation of a great story. 

He is amazing!


Swimming at Mr. Justin’s Pool {Summer Bucket List 2015}

 We get to check off the first item from our summer bucket list— swimming at Mr. Justin’s pool! 

For his birthday, Mr. Justin wanted to stay home, relax by the pool and grill out. It made for a perfect day! He even slept on the coach so that we could spend the night over. 

We started our Sunday morning with breakfast at Hardee’s, which is a tradition for him and his girls. 


We then went to church. I have to say, the kids and I are really enjoying attending First Baptist Crawfordville. We miss Indian Springs, but Mason and Miss Julia really like the large Children’s Church and run to class without being forced. 

After church, we hit the pool. Mason picked right up where he left off last summer and was swimming like a fish.  Miss Julia still has a ways to go. 

 But at least she wasn’t as scared as she has been in the past. We just have not been around water enough for them to become good swimmers. 

Want to know why I love Mr. Justin so much? Not only did he help me watch the kids like a hawk, he was so sweet with Miss Julia. This picture speaks volumes.

 As for me, to his chagrin, I was covered up and lathered with SPF 50 and my huge sun hat. I am a skin cancer survivor and take sun safety very seriously now. It also runs in my family on both the Moxley and Bryant sides, so tanning is not my priority. 

Happy Birthday, Mr. Justin

I am proud to say that Mr. Justin turned 35 last weekend, which makes me a cougar, and I love it! 

The kids and I celebrated his birthday and his parents’ anniversary with dinner and cookie cake, which a little birdie told me was his favorite.  Of course, the little ones enjoyed helping him with his dinner and gifts!


There are a lot of candles on that cake but not as many as will be on mine in six months. šŸ˜ 


In all seriousness, I am blessed to have found such a wonderful man who is so accepting of me, just as I am, and my babies as well. His parents are pretty amazing, too. 

As Charlotte Nelson said, I think I have found my happy. Now, to keep it!


Happy Birthday, Mr. Justin!Ā 

Today, this handsome man turns 35 on his parents’ 51st wedding anniversary. 

The amount of love and respect that he has for his parents is one of the reasons I adore him. His relationship with his Mama is a beautiful thing to behold, and I know it is why he treats me and the kids so well.

He was raised right!

Happy birthday, Mr. Justin. I love you and Praise Jesus for you being brought into our lives.