US Navy Sea Chanters 

Last week, the kids and I braved some pretty nasty rain to see a free concert by the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters in Thomasville. 


The kids were phenomenal. Mason really loves music and sat intently listening.  His favorite was a song performed in French by a beautiful brunette. He could not stop talking about her afterwards!  

Miss Julia enjoyed the show and especially loved getting to dance around to the Motown set.  When “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch” came on, she smiled this huge grin and exclaimed, “Mommy!! I didn’t know you called the United States and told them to play my song for me!!!” It is Miss Julia’s world, afterall, so i confirmed that President Obama gave the Sea Chanters special orders to include it just for her.

Of course, Miss Julia also thought that all the men in uniform looked “soooo handsome!”

Miss Terry, do you recognized that outfit? Look how adorable it is on her! I told her she needed to practice wearing all those sequins for when she competes in Miss Georgia one day.  

Afternoon Tea With Miss Iris

My friend Iris invited us to Sunday tea yesterday, and Miss Julia was so excited! 

She made a beautiful tea cake for the kids and let Mason put the glaze on it. It was pistachio and almond with rose water, and the lemony glaze was a perfect compliment to the rich flavors.

She had a beautiful table set up with real China tea cups. The kids felt so fancy.  Mason was especially excited, because she had a plate of olives, which are his favorites.

Miss Julia did not particularly enjoy the spicy tea, but she did love running around Miss Iris’ lovely home.

Of course, she wore my old tiara and her real pearl necklace. She also brought along Baby King George.

If there is one thing I have learned through my divorce, it is that friends are also family.  When I think of how wonderful Miss Iris is and was to take time out of her busy schedule to make special memories with us, I am so grateful.  

I would have given anything to have had a real tea party when I was a little girl. 

My babies are blessed beyond measure. 

Becky’s Cooking Adventures {Mushroom Risotto}

Perhaps the years I’ve spent watching Food Network have paid off. I am teaching myself how to cook.  And, so far, I’ve only sliced my finger and burned myself once each. I call that winning!

This week, I decided to make one of my favorite meals, scallops with mushroom risotto.  

Honestly, I did not go to the seafood market to buy fresh scallops. I did, however, find some frozen fresh bacon wrapped scallops in the seafood aisle, and they had no preservatives and were not expensive. I was leery, but they turned out delicious! 

As for the risotto, wow! I used Giada’s recipe and it was easy to follow. However, when I say that I stood over a hot stove stirring for 45 minutes, I am not kidding. See the steam?

The recipe called for toasting the rice, then letting it simmer in white wine.  I had follow by slowly adding in chicken broth a cup at a time as it absorbed.

In the end, I added peas and lots of Parmesan and reggiano cheeses.

The risotto was incredible! It was creamy confort food that resembled Southern chicken and rice, only fancier.  But I do think I will save this one for special occasions.  It’s definitely not a quick weeknight meal.

The best part was that it was appreciated.  We enjoyed our meal on my patio under the lights while listening to Pandora. It was quite lovely, if I say so myself.

Tallahassee Crud

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. I’ve had the Tallahassee crud, so my sinuses have been clogged, and I have been trying to get some rest whenever I have had down time. Last week, I got the first fever blister I’ve had in years, so I knew it was time to slow down.

But I miss y’all!!!

I have also been spending a lot of my “days off” with my new beau, Justin. How exciting it is to be in the beginning of a new relationship! I promised my dear cousin Daryl that I would not settle this time around, and I am happy to announce that I am actually smiling again. A lot.

Justin is a Godly man, and he is taking the time to meet with his pastor today about the best ways to progress with our relationship so that it honors our Lord and our individual families. We pray together and for each other, and we are listening to a sermon series together on marriage and families, because, quite frankly, we have both screwed that up in the past.

When I say I have peace, I cannot even explain to YALL the difference this man has made in my life. With that, it feels like all of the adrenaline has gone out of my body from the last two years’ worth of trauma, and I could sleep for that long of a time. I am actually able to make it through an entire night of uninterrupted rest now, which is absolutely incredible.

I do want to add that I have the blessings of my spiritual and legal counsel to date again; and, under no circumstances, will my kids be involved until I am divorced and I am certain that they are ready on their own time.

But I am so incredibly excited, and I ask for your prayer over this young relationship. Whether it is meant to last for months or years, there is no doubt that God has placed Justin in my life for a reason, to give me what I have not had in a really long time– HOPE.

*My pastor’s sermons are not online, and I often listen to the gospel while I’m traveling in the car.  

I think it is because they are from my hometown and I grew up knowing them and their families, but I turn to two pastors’ sermons for guidance– Pastor Jason Johns is at the First Baptist in Lake Butler, Florida, and Pastor Jesse Pickett is at Grace Covenent Presbyterian in Hilliard.  Both are incredibly brilliant, scholarly men, and I always feel moved by the Holy Spirt while studying God’s word through their teachings. 

My sweet friend from home, Pastor Garrett Conner, has also reached out to me and has been praying for me and my family, as has my high school pastor and his wife, Brother Ron Kimbrell and Miss Sue.

I am so grateful that, during this most difficult time in my life, I have been covered in God’s love through prayer.