Her Valentine!

My Miss Julia has replaced her preschool boyfriend (whom we miss terribly!!) with a new love named Jackson. Apparently, she has my same taste, because he has handsome red hair in the line of my mega-crush, Prince Harry.

A few weeks ago, Jackson’s mom sent me an adorable picture of the two of them running into each other at the bowling ally. So sweet!

Even sweeter was Miss Julia’s face the other night sitting down to do her class Valentine’s Day cards. First, she remembered that it is her “Heart birthday!!!”

Then, she came across her “true love’s” name and this dreamy little smile came across her beautiful little face. All I could do was sigh.



Literacy Week and the 100th Day of School

The kids were asked to dress up for literacy week recently, and we picked a couple of days for which costumes were easily accessible.

The first day’s theme was “Superheroes,” and I could not quite break it to Mason that Darth Vader is a villain.

Then there was “Pajama Day,” which the kids loved. Miss Julia got to wear here new pajamas that she got from Mary Madison’s in Thomasville for Christmas.

At the end of the week, Miss Julia’s class had a party to celebrate the 100th day of school. She was so excited and took in 100 candy hearts, which we counted together at the table. Getting on the bus that morning, she exclaimed, “I cannot believe I made it to 100!!!”

Her teacher sent a slide show with adorable pictures from the day’s fun activities. I kinda stole these from her, so photo credit goes to Mrs. M!

The Pink Cast

Whose daughter breaks her arm and barely cries? Mine does!

Seriously, Miss Julia fell on the steps of our new house trying to get to heart blankey, and I ran to her. She was crying and scared, and I knew immediately that her wrist looked wrong. She had mud all over her, so I put her in a quick bath to clean her off while I called urgent care. Then, she was fine. She stopped crying and did not even act like she was in pain. Mommy and Mason were on the verge of constant tears just thinking about it!

Xrays showed the damage and, a few hours later, we left with a huge splint on her arm with orders to see the orthopedics the next day.

I was expecting the TOC appointment to be traumatic, but it was not. Miss Julia’s fears were soon put to rest by a sweet FSU football player who spent time talking to her and signing an autograph. She did not want a picture with him, but she wanted one of him writing his name.

She also thought the doctor was “sooooo handsome” and told me that she wanted to marry him. And that I should marry him, if I don’t marry Mista Justin.

One pink cast later, and she was ready for people to dote over her and sign it.

I was worried about her having the cast over the holidays, but she handled it like a champ! She healed perfectly and has been wearing her brace to make sure she stays safe.



In Heaven

Since she first began talking, Miss Julia has described living in Heaven before she was born. She is so descriptive and consistent, talking about how she regularly saw my Bomba and other family members and how God and Jesus took care of her. She says Jesus rocked her to sleep.

Jules talks about how they showed me to her and told her I was going to be her mommy, and how they all thought it was funny, because I was sure I was going to have another boy {which is true}. Julia, in Heaven, loved the idea of surprising me!

Every once in a while, she still randomly talks about it, and I try to write down what she says or have her record it. She does not talk about it for attention or when other people are around. It’s usually when we are having quiet time, just the two of us.

Anyway, she recorded this the other day. It’s a little more silly than she usually talks about, but her heart and faith just shine through. Her sweet devotion to Jesus amazes me.

And, if you fall, God will lift you back up! ~Miss Julia