Grand Cayman {Part 2}

Our go-to restaurant on Grand Cayman was Over the Edge, a laid-back, casual place at Old Man Bay on Northside which specializes in traditional “Caribbean fusion cuisine.”

We stumbled up on it as we drove looking for a place to eat a late breakfast. The views from the deck are incredible. The prices were affordable, and the food and service were fantastic. Everything tasted homemade, and we had the same sweet, yet salty waitress each of our visits.

After breakfast, we headed over to Rum Point. It was my favorite place on the entire island, and I cannot wait to get back there one day. The beach held drink and food shacks, hammocks and chairs, sting lights, and water sport rental facilities.

The water was crystal clear, and I just loved the atmosphere. I had jerk chicken from one of the shacks that was one of the best meals that I have ever put in my mouth.

Several hours of lounging and swimming later, and we drove over to Starfish Beach, a short distance away. I found this destination on Pinterest and was not disappointed. Enormous starfish were everywhere, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Cayman Islands {Part 1}

Justin planned a vacation for us entirely on his own and swept me away to Grand Cayman. It was the first extended vacation I have had without the kids since they were born, and it was so romantic and relaxing. Everything was a surprise, except for the destination, which I only found out a couple of weeks before we left.

On the way to the airport, he even gave me a shell anklet and then bought me a new pair of Ray-Bans before ordering me to unplug and unwind for the week.

The flight from Tampa was easy, especially from our First Class seats. We arrived, and I was excited to introduce my family to my future in-laws, the King and Queen of England. Hello, Prince Harry and Baby King George!!

We rented a car for the week, and Justin was hilarious as he nervously took the wheel on the “wrong” side. I was scared, because it was dark when we started out, but he did great, especially since most of the island is made up of round-abouts.

He decided to rent a condo for us mid-island, in Bodden Town, rather than stay in the touristy Seven Mile Beach-area. He made the perfect choice. We arrived late and checked in to the friendly and pristine Turtle Nest Inn, and I woke up to this view the next morning… By the way, I learned that that is sea grass on the shore. Staff rake it up regularly. The water is not as clear here as in other parts of the island, but the snorkeling was amazing. Coch shells were washing up everywhere, and we enjoyed relaxing and collecting sea glass in the sand.

Here I am “somewhere on a beach,” one of my favorite songs this summer.

By the way, Grand Cayman reminded me of Amelia Island, my home, and I instantly connected to the people and culture of this lovely piece of Heaven on Earth.



Cheshire Family Genealogy

My entire life, a wooden frame hung on my Granny and Granddaddy’s wall, and it contained several old family photos. I am sure I must have asked a million times who they were, but all I can remember was being told they were Cheshires and that the frame was made by my Granddaddy’s older brother, Leon Cheshire.

My mom inherited the frame, which was filthy and had broken glass. I took the photos out and tried to clean off the glass and pictures before they were ruined and thought I did a blog post several years ago with the pictures, hoping to identify who they were featuring. For the life of me, I cannot find that post.

Either way, Mista Justin found the frame and photos in our garage, and he urged me to again seek answers to the mystery of how these family members were related to me. I have a call in to the Hamilton County, Florida, Historical Society, and I also posted them on Facebook, tagging my uncle. One of his and my mom’s cousins who I do not know and have never met, Nyla Riner, immediately responded. She identified two of the pictures and then followed up with me after confirming with others that she was correct.

This faded photo is of Angus Walter Cheshire, Sr., his wife Ella Mae Johns Cheshire, and their son, Leon. Miss Nyla referred to them as Grandpa and Grandma Cheshire. They were my maternal great-grandparents. My granddaddy looked much like his mother. Is it rude to say that she reminds me of the actress who played the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz? Sorry, Grandma, may you rest in peace.

According to Miss Nyla, this picture is of Grandpa Cheshire, Angus Walter, Sr. Not so surprisingly, my brother has his exact hairline.

I cannot help but wonder why the family was all the way up in Atlanta from North Florida, according to the address listed on the prints. I am definitely going to be digging to see if I can find out more about the Owen studio so that I can put a date on the photos. My own Granddaddy, the baby of the family, was born in 1912. I am guessing these date around 1890.



Jaguars’ Tallahassee Takedown

Every summer, members of the Jaguars come to town to sign autographs and we excitedly attend. This year, to highlight the former FSU players on the team, the event was held at Madison Social, an outstanding restaurant and bar located near the stadium, but with a very collegiate vibe.

The event was held earlier in the afternoon than it has been in the past, and it was so hot. The kids were hungry and thirsty, especially after having to walk a good ways from our parking spot, and so we grabbed a table to eat. Sadly, the autograph session was limited, and we either ate and drank or met players. Mason and Miss Julia chose the former. So, I kind of felt like the day was a bust.

We did, however, get to watch the players sign autographs from afar (sigh), and we got to have pictures with the ROAR cheerleaders, who were all very sweet with Jules. Somehow, we missed Jaxson de Ville, our beloved mascot, which also disappointed me.

Either way, Mason was thrilled to take home some football cards, including his favorite player, Blake Bortles.