My Mom was assigned to a little boy named Jacob at her school. She adored him, and he was all she ever talked about, even after he left to attend another school in Tallahassee. He is a little older than Mason, so she would always join the two boys together in her tales. When I cleaned out her house, she had dozens of pictures of sweet Jacob, several of which were posted on her refrigerator door.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Mom, because it shows the passion she had for helping those in need.

The other day I got to meet Jacob for the first time at the ball park. His family was so kind and compassionate, speaking very highly of Mama. Jacob even let me hold him. I have to say, I felt Mom’s presence and was very emotional afterwards. Seeing him smile was worth it, though. He still calls her “Wingate.”


Fulford Farms Fighting Okra

Mason has started his second season of Tball and is once again on the Fulford Farms team, which he and his Daddy have named the “Fighting Okra.”

We have a great coach and all is going well this year. I am so amazed at how much Mason has improved in his throwing. That is the one area we felt he needed to work on, and he has gotten so much stronger.

We are so proud of our little lefty!


Miss Julia, I guess, could have played this year, but we decided to let Mason have his own room to shine. She is quite busy with dance and likes to cheer from the stands. As you can see, she loves watching her buddies play baseball.


Spring Break 2014 {At the Beach}

We spent Friday afternoon at the beach. It was actually pretty chilly and really windy, but it was fun to sit in the sun and watch the kids play.

Of course, Miss Julia talked her poor brother into getting their feet wet in the freezing cold water.



Cherri and Summer Lynn met us at the beach, and the kids were super cute running and digging in the sand. My phone died, sadly, so I was not able to get any pictures of the three of them.

I was able to snap this gem, though. This is Miss Julia’s “Southern Durl” pose. For real. She actually said that as I was taking the shot.


Spring Break 2014 {At the Beach}

We spent our Friday of Spring Break in Fernandina Beach, which happens to be my happy place. There is nowhere I would rather be than strolling downtown, soaking up the sun and salt air. It is also a place where my Mom spent lots of time with her best friend, Charlotte, so it is a perfect get-away for us to heal and make new memories together.


I have to say, it is sometimes eery being with Charlotte. She and my mom look so much alike and have so many of the same mannerisms. There were a couple of times during our time together that I glanced over and forgot for a second with whom I was standing. The kids sense this, too. It is a blessing, though, because we can feel her spirit through Charlotte, and she is just an angel.

We happened to get lucky while we were downtown. Replicas of the Nina and Pinta, Christopher Columbus’ ships, were on display. Mason and Julia ate this up. Mason enjoyed pretending to be a pirate on board; and, well, Charlotte and I enjoyed Columbus.


After our tour of the ships, we strolled the shops downtown and had lunch at Brett’s. Mason made sure to stay in role, enjoying every second of the coastal atmosphere.




What Fires Me Up!

Like every other mom, my life is busy.  Really busy.  Although I work a job with shorter hours and more time off (teaching is such a blessing), I do other extra things that add to my time.  I am exhausted.  And I feel bad for being exhausted, because, to me, it means laziness, which I am most definitely not.

Mock Trial * March of Dimes * Music Academy * Psychology Club * Ballet * Soccer * T-Ball * Teacher Leadership Training

I talked to two of my best friends recently, neither of whom have kids.  One works full time, one does not.  Bless them, I casually described what was going on in my life, not wanting sympathy, and they both got silent.  Angie said, “You need a vacation away from everything and everybody,” and Tanya said, “I’m tired just thinking of all of that.”  I don’t know if they meant it, but it made me take a step back and feel a little better about the fact that maybe I am doing enough.  Truly, maybe I am doing too much.  I even had to turn another friend’s offer down for a weekend trip.

I saw a church sign recently which said something along the lines of if you are too busy for God, then you are too busy.  I will be honest, most Sunday mornings, I am focusing on that day of rest, rather than joining our church family for worship.

I feel out of balance and uninspired, frankly.  It seems so long since I have been truly happy, when I know it was actually prior to my Mom’s death.

I saw this post today by Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride, and it made be think about what fires me up and motivates me.  I need some energizing about now.  Here is what I came up with.

Spending Time With God  (I Need More of This!)

Time at the Beach

Girls Trips

Individual “Dates” with My Kids

Breakfast in Bed and a Good Book

Long Date Night Dinners

Nice Walks Outdoors

Weekend Get-Aways to New Places

Family Movie Nights

Strolls in Downtown Thomasville

Planning Holiday Fun

It has been so long since I have relaxed and truly let go of things.  Everything reminds me of my Mom, then I cry.  I am afraid that If I let go, I will somehow forget her or dishonor her memory.  It is quite pathetic, actually.

So my prayer going into Easter week, which also happens to be her birthday, is to focus on Jesus.  I pray for healing and for balance.  I pray for an end to this season of weeping and mourning.

I pray to my Savior that it is my time to laugh and to dance. Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 For everything a season. A time to weep, to laugh, to mourn, to dance

Spring Break Family Time

I was so excited! My Uncle Jerry and his granddaughter, Kristen, made a fun dinner date with us after our trip to the zoo. I love both of them, and he spoils Mason and Julia rotten.

We had so much fun eating and hanging out at R&R Wings in Hilliard. It is always incredibly good to be home.

I was so embarrassed, though. The kids kept wanting to play the games, and I didn’t have any change. Uncle Jerry used all his quarters and tried to explain that to Miss Julia. Needless to say, she batted her eyes at him and said sweetly, “That’s o-tay. Just give me your other monies.” Sigh. Of course, Uncle Jerry cashed in some dollars fast.

This picture is one of my treasured favorites. I will keep it always.

That’s true love.